Collaboration and Connectivity

It’s not just about more space, it’s about different space. To support experiential learning and connections with industry, the Powerhouse Project will offer abundantly flexible classroom, lab and collision spaces and responsive technology to stimulate collaboration near and far.

Interdisciplinary. Applied. Experiential.

One of the primary reasons students choose UBC Sauder is for the connections they form and the relationships they build during their studies—with other students, employers, alumni and industry professionals. Students value experiential learning opportunities in which they work on real business challenges, creating mutually beneficial outcomes for students and industry.

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The Powerhouse Project will increase the school’s interactions with other UBC faculties as well as local and global stakeholders, improving learning, research and community engagement.

Smart Classrooms and Learning Labs

Tech-enabled smart classrooms and learning labs will provide a flexible, connected and highly interactive platform for the creative and innovative work that happens through collaborative learning. Not your traditional classrooms, these uniquely designed spaces will support the future of high-quality blended learning, maximizing flexibility in physical space and modes of teaching.

Student Collaboration Spaces

Student collaboration spaces, including lounges, meeting areas & breakout rooms, will feature adaptable, integrated technologies to enhance interconnectivity and complement the fast pace of innovation and networking in the global context. Offering maximum flexibility and versatility, our new student spaces will facilitate cross-disciplinary projects, research collaborations, and connections to the broader community to make a positive impact on business and society.

Penthouse Event Space and Rooftop Terrace

The penthouse event space and rooftop terrace will highlight 360-degree views of the water, mountains and campus, serving as a stunning backdrop to all types of occasions and inspiring a deep appreciation for the natural world. This pinnacle event space will accommodate a wide variety of functions for the school, the university and the business community.

“When we think about the student we’re not just thinking about what is best for their learning, but what is best for them.”

Our Community in Action

Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Global SCLM) program

The bright minds learning to solve even the toughest supply chain challenges

In the early days of the pandemic, desperate shoppers searched for toilet paper. Then, in March 2021, a cargo ship ran aground and blocked the Suez Canal. Last summer, highways closed after heavy flooding in B.C. And this year, infant formula shortages swept across North America. The last two years have exposed supply chain vulnerabilities like never before in history. They’ve also revealed the value of experts who can not only navigate, but also anticipate, the increasingly complex challenges of our globalized world.

LIFT experience

Eyeing expansion: Baker Caroline Muthoka on her experience with UBC Sauder LIFT

UBC Sauder School of Business LIFT is a student-led business skills training course for aspiring entrepreneurs in Kenya and Ghana. In 2021, UBC Sauder LIFT partnered with charitable organization One Girl Can to make business training more accessible for young women in the Kibera and Mathare communities of Nairobi, Kenya. Aspiring entrepreneur and baker Caroline Muthoka was one of the UBC Sauder LIFT participants.

GIE students hiking

From the classroom to consulting: A look inside the Global Immersion Experience 2022

How do you refine a go-to-market strategy for sustainable beanless coffee, integrate health informatics systems for nurses, scope the possibilities for mRNA technology beyond COVID-19 vaccines, and craft an expansion strategy for an international fast-food chain? And do it all online?

Student presenting to classmates

Mentoring entrepreneurs in Ghana: How one UBC MBA student sparked the expansion of UBC Sauder LIFT

When they first met in November 2021, UBC Master of Business Administration (MBA) student Abigail Okyere and UBC Sauder Faculty Jeff Kroeker were chatting about their shared interest in capacity-building initiatives in Africa. Kroeker spoke of his experience as Director of UBC Sauder School of Business LIFT, the school’s student-led business skills training course for entrepreneurs in Nairobi, Kenya. Okyere posed the question, “Why not expand the program into Ghana?” After a moment’s pause, Kroeker replied, “I don’t think there’s anything stopping us.”

Organ donors

Incongruent messaging key to getting people to register as organ donors

Organ donation saves countless lives every year, and most people think it’s the right thing to do — but when it comes to people actually registering to donate, the numbers around the world are surprisingly low. A new study from the UBC Sauder School of Business finds combining messages about low donor rates and high support could help save lives.

Fake news

UBC researchers use artificial intelligence to help tackle fake news

Especially in recent years, fake news stories have exploded around the world, sowing confusion and doubt about politics and global events, and fanning social unrest. Studies have shown that it can even alter people’s cognition, behaviour and perception of reality — and affect everything from major elections to local businesses.


Crowdfunding can affect consumer product choices — especially when the products do good

When it comes to introducing new products to the market, crowdfunding has become a hugely popular way for sellers to attract customers. But according to a new study from the UBC Sauder School of Business, crowdfunding not only draws attention to new ventures: it can influence what people buy and how much they’ll pay — in particular, for items that offer an element of social good.

Commerce students explore Indigenous partnerships

BCom students use Co-op to elevate their student experience

Co-op students are making the most of their terms with unique experiences to enrich their degrees.

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